Mens Red Pirate Beard

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Beard Your Way to SuccessBeards are glorious! Every famous pirate captain worth his salt has one


After all, beards are a symbol of machismo and a great way to intimidate enemies on the high seas

The beard is designed to make you look like a rugged pirate captain, so you should have no problem finding a crew while wearing it! It fits with elastic in the back, so one size fits most, making it an easy addition to any costume.Assemble the CrewWhen you're supporting a snazzy beard like this, it's easy to gather up a crew for a high seas adventure! Make sure to check out the rest of our pirate accessories to get an intimidating look for your round of skulduggery.

Where would Edward Blackbeard Teach be without his smoldering beard Where would Hayreddin Barbarossa, Red Beard , be without his beard We certainly wouldn't be talking about either of them if their beards hadn't earned them fame and fortune.And if you're planning on entering the world of skulduggery, then you'd better be sporting some smashing facial hair! What's that You don't have the time to grow a full length to become a renowned pirate captain No worries, buccaneer! You can just wear this red pirate beard accessory!Product DetailsThis glorious pirate beard is made